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Tamarin Gerriety
Director, Editor

A multidisciplinary producer, director, and editor with 12 years of experience completed both in Johannesburg and London. Tam has worked on all forms of audiovisual productions and more specifically in advertising for many years, but made the move into documentaries in order to tell real stories and explore her love for the genre. Tam's story was featured on Humans of New York.

Public Speaker available for bookings - recent engagements include CreativeMornings Johannesburg, Vega School of Advertising

Documinute is an award-winning production house with a self-titled series of
1-minute documentaries about people, cultures, hobbies, industries, environments, and life in the 21st century.

Andrew McGarrity

A freelance cinematographer, photographer, and designer, with experience in both Johannesburg and London. Andrew studied
Art Direction and earned a Diploma in Photography.


After running design studios as a senior designer, Andrew transitioned into photography and then later cinematography, making his love for beautiful images transform from static
to moving.


Who we are

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